CEO/Owner: Trisha Power

Trisha helped start Bibbeo and has played a major part in its growth.   Her passion is working with numbers and she enjoys finding ways to be more efficient and help the company continue to grow.

Trisha received her degree from Texas A&M University and started her career working for Wells Fargo and then spent nearly 15 years with SkyWest Airlines working in the DIA Office.

In addition to being a part of the Bibbeo team, she loves running, hiking, and volunteering on her free time. She has volunteered with The Wild Animal Sanctuary and The Junior League of Denver, in addition to running multiple races for charities.

Owner/President: Miles Power

Miles Power received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Hawaii in Business Administration with minors in Computer Science, Management, and Economics. After time spent in management positions, Miles returned to school and received his MBA and masters degree in Decision Science from St. Johns University. The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. Johns provided him with a strong cross-functional understanding of business practices, experiential learning, and a global perspective, all in a values-based context. St. Johns prepared him to operate ethically and with a passion for high principles.

After working for Walgreens and completing his MBA and masters degree from St. Johns, Miles began working as a 1099 contractor. He spent several years learning the technology industry inside and out. Along with his retail and management experience, Miles started is own company. His main focus still remains the same: to provide the best client service while still maintaining fairness and excellent support to the individual technicians out in the field.

COO: Jared Baldwin

Jared Baldwin began working for Bibbeo in October 2021. He oversees the core operations of Bibbeo. The company’s continual growth and success, along with ensuring that employees are satisfied and feel supported in their roles, are his top priorities.

Jared graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Arizona in 2012. After graduating college, he moved to Denver, CO and began working as a Project Engineer for an aviation consulting firm. After two years in the field, he shifted his focus to operations and finance where he would end up managing multiple offices around the world for the next eight years before joining Bibbeo.

Jared and his wife Megan have two beautiful children: Mila and Weston. Jared and his family reside in Denver, CO and in his free time he enjoys playing golf, exploring new restaurants, and traveling with his family.

CIO/CTO: Stofer Smith

After getting a BA Math & Computer Science Minor Degree from University of Hawaii at Hilo Stofer then jumped right into working on new and exciting programming projects. From a Flight Information Display System(FIDS) in the Netherlands to helping setup an ISP in Keaau, HI it has been one forward looking tech driven project to the next. Now working with Bibbeo Stofer is focused on helping Bibbeo and their partners make the most out of the Interwebs and technology without having to have to think about them.

VP Business Development: Jessica Knabe

Jessica is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer and network security industry. She is well versed in bringing on new clients, creating customized documentation for training and closeout deliverables to ensure that our company can meet all of our clients unique guidelines and standards.  She has strong program and Project Management professional skilled in Coaching, Sales, Communication, Personal Branding, and Team Building.

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