Project Management

Bibbeo’s project managers have years of experience with successful deployments. They have worked in a variety of environments with various types of equipment across the US. They are professional, perceptive, technology experts committed to the client’s project. Our project managers are dedicated to providing clients a realistic and efficient solution that fits within the client’s schedule and budget, while guiding and monitoring the project from start to finish.

All of our project managers use a program called Jobsspark, which is part owned by Bibbeo. Jobsspark was specifically designed for Bibbeo to allow project managers to keep detailed accounts and manage every project efficiently and effectively. Our project managers are notified when the technician arrives on site and when the technician completes the job. Upon completion of a project, our project manager is sent an email with the checkout forms and pictures that the technician uploads. This allows the project manager to ensure the job was done successfully before the technician even leaves the site.

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